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300 hours 

4 weeks

Upcoming courses:

  • 5th February 2024 in Goa

  • 6th May 2024 in Dharamshala 


Do you want to learn how to align yourself and others?

Are you a yoga teacher or physiotherapist who wants to be able to correct your students and patients misalignment? Do you want to learn how to align yourself and others? Do you want to learn more about the cause symptoms and treatment of your physical problems?

We will learn about

Group 911.png

Sciatica pain

Group 846.png


Group 907.png

Back pain

Group 908.png

Neck Problems

Group 912.png

Tennis elbow

Group 906.png

Knee and shoulder pain

Group 913.png

Headaches migraines

Home: Program

300 hour course

The course lasts 4 weeks with classes held 6 days per week


300 hour Yoga Therapy (Yoga Alliance) certificate upon completion of the course

Maximum 10 participants

We do not recruit more than 10 participants in order to give maximum attention to each student

€2299 - €2999

Price range options with or without food and accommodation


Training content 

Full body check and analysis

Set bones correctly

Activate blood circulation

Release muscle stiffness

Unblock nervous system

Treat cause of all above mentioned health issues and more

About me

The course covers

Rectangle 128.jpg
Group 972-min.png


Pressing these acupoints can help your muscles relax and improve your blood flow

Group 973-min.png

Body alignment

The Body Alignment with Prem is a hands-on therapy practice which aligns and balances the body. This benefits patients on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level

Group 977.png

Yoga therapy

Yoga therapy is the application of yoga practices to alleviate physical and mental health 


My story

Namaste dear friends 🙏

My name is Prem, I am a Therapist and Yoga Teacher. I have treated many of you over the past few years in both Goa and Dharamshala. I was repeatedly asked to share my knowledge with you. Finally, I am looking forward to teaching you this unique therapy method that was passed on to me by Swami Vijayanand. Through thousands of sessions and further studies I refined and developed the method and now it is time to share my knowledge with you. I will be honoured to teach you the basics of this therapy. You will be able to align yourself and help others both privately and in your role as Bodyworker and/or Yoga Therapist.

What patients say

'I had knee problems for about 2 month.

Doing Yoga and sitting cross-legged in meditation was suddenly difficult and painful. This bothered me a lot. That's when I heard of Prem and his body alignments.

After the 3. session with him I was free of pain! I'm very grateful to Prem for his treatment. And the good thing is, his alignments are not even painful!

I can recommend him to anyone.'


Before and after patients

Please note

This therapy course is under the Yoga Alliance 

This course is not for beginners


Upcoming course dates

5 February 2024 in Goa
6 May 2024 in Dharamshala

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