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Body alignment

The Body Alignment that Prem practices and teaches is based on a system that has been around for centuries but has remained hidden for a long time. It was passed down to Prem from Swami Vijayanand Ji and is a hands-on therapy practice which aligns and balances the body, it is not a massage. This benefits patients on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. One of the immediate benefits of body alignment is a feeling of balance, increased flexibility and mobility.

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Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy is the application of yoga practices to alleviate physical and mental health conditions with the view of promoting self-care and encouraging overall well-being. Whilst the practice of yoga in general aims to cultivate the body and mind and hence has the potential for therapeutic effects, in yoga therapy we are using specific yoga practices and their known benefits to help alleviate or improvement mental and physical ailments


Drop-in treatment sessions

We offer individual treatment sessions for anybody needing body alignment and balancing. Traditionally we treat people with back, neck and shoulder pain, scoliosis, hip pain, sciatica problems, knee issues (ACL/MCL/LCL), tennis elbow, slipped discs and spine hernias & coccyx pain.

Treatment is done fully clothed and this is not a massage. 

Cost: 3000 rupees (£30) per session

Free Initial Consultation

We offer one free initial 15 minute consultation to check if your body is misaligned. This will help us decide together if any further treatment is needed and what your treatment plan will be. On average patients need 3-5 sessions depending on the severity of the issue(s). 

If your body is not misaligned, we will tell you and you will not require further treatment. 

5 and 10 Day Body Alignment and Yoga Therapy Retreats:
Goa and Dharamshala 

We are now also running 5 and 10 day retreats offering a combination of treatments, tailored to you.

This includes body alignment, yoga therapy, acupressure as well as meditation, pranayama and optional yogic philosophy. 

The cost is £500 (Dharamshala) and £600 (Goa) for 5 days and includes treatment, yoga, food and accommodation with air-con. We also offer Dabolim airport pick-up and drop-off for an additional £50.

Goa retreat dates: 

  • November 2024 - Feb 2025

Dharamshala retreat dates:

  •  June 2024 - October 2024


Retreat dates can be made upon request.

To book your place or for any questions email

If money is an obstacle for your treatment, please contact us anyway.

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